Induboton S.A.S, founded in 1960, is a company dedicated to the design, production and distribution of buttons. Years of experience have placed us at the forefront of our industry in Colombia and amongst the best of Latin America. Our state of the art manufacturing plant gives us the necessary infrastructure to design, produce, and commercialize our products independently.

We are committed to continuous and up to date investigation and development, enabling us to innovate with our products and services. Drawing on our experience with raw materials, and a unique understanding of our clients’ needs, we have broadened our portfolio and are now able to offer essential complements for the apparel industry such as beads & stones and buckles & rings.

Our natural buttons line developed in materials such as tagua, corozo, coconut, wood and other seeds, was created to explore our interest in offering environmentally responsible alternatives.

All of our products can be further enhanced by our laser services including cutting, engraving, and labeling.

Today, after 50 years of operation, and with great trust and respect for our clients and partners, we are proud to be able to offer high quality products that can truly be called more than just a detail.




Induboton S.A.S. is a company committed to the well being of its workers. FEINDUBOTON is an employee fund created with the aim of supporting our employees in areas of health, housing, education, and recreation by providing credits and encouraging savings. The fund develops activities and programs oriented to the well being and development of the employees and their families, including credits targeted towards the education of our worker's children. To date more than 50 housing solutions and more that 80 transport solutions have been given to our workers.


Quality, creativity, and innovation, are our guiding priorities. We have a design department committed to supporting customers and offering creative solutions to their needs.
Our design department is well qualified to provide information about the latest fashion trends, as well as research and development on new materials and finishes.